Tooth Extraction Cost Ranges

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If you have toothache, you have to meet a dentist to care for it. The treatment of toothache is various depending on the condition of the toothache itself. Sometimes, it requires tooth extraction. It becomes the last option if there is no treatment that can help. So, how about tooth extraction cost? That is what we will discuss in this article below.

Tooth Extraction Cost

The Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Before we talk further about tooth extraction price, it will be better to discuss about the reasons first. There are some cases that require tooth extraction. The first is severe tooth trauma or damage. Besides that, malpositioned or nonfunctioning teeth also requires tooth extraction. The next reason of tooth extraction is orthodontic treatment like braces. Extra teeth also belong to one of the reasons why you need to follow tooth extraction. Then, it also relates to radiation. Other cases that usually require tooth extraction are such as chemotherapy and organ transplant.

Kinds of Tooth Extraction

There are 2 kinds of tooth extraction that you have to know. The first is simple tooth extraction where it is performed on your teeth are seen in your mouth. It usually does not need anti-anxiety medication / sedation. The second type is surgical tooth extraction. It is required usually for teeth that cannot be seen or reach easily in the mouth. This method of tooth extraction should be done by professional oral surgeon or dentist. It requires some procedures like bone removal, lifting/removing & folding back gum tissue or maybe breaking tooth into pieces. Of course, the tooth extraction cost with this method will be higher.

The Preparation of Surgical Tooth Extraction

Before taking surgical tooth extraction, the oral surgeon or dentist will discuss about your medical & dental histories first. They also offer taking x-rays. They will usually prescribe antibiotics for before and after the surgery. They will also suggest some tips to prevent possible complications. The dentist or surgeon will discuss about the procedures, treatment, and aftercare, too. Then, they will also calculate the estimated tooth extraction expense. So, you have to prepare it all.

Modern Tooth Extraction

Today, tooth extraction is done with modern instrument. The dentist usually will not only use scalpels, dental drills and other traditional tools. However, they will use dental laser, electrosurgery, ad other modern tools needed. The modern extraction will be more effective, quicker, and ease the procedures. However, the cost may be more expensive depending on some factors. The modern extraction is hoped for less discomfort and prevents bleeding. Anyway, modern extraction is more and more popular.

Tooth Extraction Estimated Cost

Now, it is time to discuss about the estimated tooth extraction cost. If the tooth is more difficult to remove, the procedure will usually cost higher. The cost ranges from about 130 dollars up to 400 dollars. Commonly, simple tooth extraction cost from 100 dollars to 250 dollars. Surgical tooth extraction will cost 180 dollars up to 400 dollars. Hopefully this can be a useful reference for you who plan for tooth extraction.