Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips

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Tooth extraction is one of the treatment options required for those who have toothache. However, it does not mean that you do not need to care for your teeth after extraction. The aftercare is also very important. Therefore, you have to plan tooth extraction aftercare carefully to boost the recovery and prevent complications. In this article, we will share the guide what you have to do.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Eat Softer Foods

Firstly, tooth removal aftercare relates to the foods you eat. After tooth extraction, you cannot eat foods that are hard to chew. You have to eat softer foods only because the extraction site is tender. However, you have to maintain the nutrients for the foods you eat. Besides that, you also have to keep yourself hydrated. With this tip, it can promote faster healing. You also have to drink at least 7 glasses of water. This is very important to follow.

Cleaning Your Teeth

Actually, you have to clean your teeth every day, not only after tooth extraction. Usually, you brush your teeth twice a day. After tooth extraction, you also should keep doing this but do not be too aggressive. If you follow tooth surgical extraction, you cannot brush your teeth especially the affected area for 3 following days. After 3 days, you are allowed to brush your teeth slowly and carefully to prevent bleeding or other damages. After the recovery is completely well, you must keep your teeth clean to keep them strong and healthy. This tooth extraction aftercare should be followed well.

Tooth Extraction Site Irrigation

As we know, after your teeth are removed, microorganism, foods and debris can accumulate and be hard to remove. Therefore, it requires irrigation daily. It is needed to remove debris that can interfere with healing, be the source of foul smell or taste, and make environment which promotes secondary bacterial infection formation. It belongs to one of the most important tooth extraction controls. However, you have to consult to your dentist first before doing this especially if you follow surgical extraction. Usually, it is needed until one or two weeks. It depends on the condition of your teeth.

Stitches after Tooth Extraction

After tooth extraction, the dentist may need to place stitches. Some kinds of stitches are resorb-able or absorbable whereas some kinds are not. Removing stitches is painless and can be done easily by the dentist. Non-absorbable stitches are commonly removed about 7 up to 10 days after they are placed. So, you just need to follow the rules and procedures and it will be done fast. Even though it is not always needed, you have to know this aftercare guide.

That is all about tooth extraction aftercare that you have to know. Those tips are needed to follow to prevent some possible complications. In fact, tooth extraction can cause some complications such as prolonged bleeding, muscle or joint pain, tooth chips or bone fragments, dry sockets, continued pain, bruising and swelling. Hopefully this will be useful.