Teeth Whitening Cost Ranges

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There are so many people who have teeth discoloration problems. This makes people not confident especially when smiling or laughing. They will feel unconfident to open their mouth when talking. As the solution, people usually consider teeth whitening. There are many people who have tried this solution. However, it does not cost cheap. Talking about teeth whitening cost, it is affected by some factors. For more detailed discussion, let’s pay attention to this article.

Teeth Whitening Cost

Teeth Whitening Candidacy

Actually, the procedure of teeth whitening is low risk. So, everyone can consider it. However, talking about teeth whitening candidacy, there are some cases that make people should avoid teeth whitening. People with restorations or fabrications on the front teeth are one of them. What they need is to replace the restorations. After that, they are allowed to plan for teeth whitening. Besides that, people with intrinsic stains also cannot consider teeth whitening. Intrinsic stains are usually caused by dead tooth that lead spots on teeth. In this case, they need teeth bleaching, not teeth whitening.

Then, people who have worn enamel or extreme tooth sensitivity are also not allowed to consider teeth whitening. This can make the teeth condition worse. So, they have to focus on teeth sensitivity care. It will be better to consult to a dentist or other dental cares. Lastly, teeth whitening are also not allowed for people who have temporomandibular joint disorder or bruxism. Teeth whitening can cause the worse condition for them. So, before you know about teeth whitening cost, you have to understand whether you belong to the candidates or those who should avoid teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Average Costs

As it is mentioned before teeth whitening price will be various. It depends on some factors such as the treatment duration, the whitening type, or even the dentist. If you follow over the counter treatment, averagely the price will be from 5 dollars up to 50 dollars. It can be considered as the cheapest one compared to other methods. So, it is appropriate for you who have small budget. If you consider take home treatment, the cost will range from 200 dollars up to 400 dollars. It includes whitening trays as well as gel. For the longer treatment, the cost can be higher.

The last option is in office whitening. The lowest cost is about 300 dollars whereas the highest cost can be up to 1000 dollars. The total cost depends on how often the session you take. Besides that, the advanced treatment like laser whitening also affects the cost. After knowing the average costs, which method of teeth whitening do you want?

In conclusion, teeth whitening cost can be cheap or expensive depending on the factors mentioned above. You should decide it based on your budget. If you do not have any problem that prevents you to take teeth whitening, you can meet a dentist and consult to him or her before deciding the method of treatment you will choose. Anyway, teeth whitening can make your smile confidently.