Teeth Cleaning : Because Brushing is Never Enough

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Recently, teeth cleaning become a popular issue. People start aware of the necessity of take care the oral health. To improve oral health, dentists suggest people to check up their oral health every six months. The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) also recommends getting a dental cleaning at least twice a year. Supported by regular home-care oral health, it greatly contributes to taking care the health and the hygiene of your oral system. However, many people think that brushing and flossing techniques are enough to clean their oral system. In fact, it needs further treatment for better result.

Teeth Cleaning

Home Teeth Cleaning Remedies

Though regular home teeth cleaning such as brushing or flossing is effective to maintain the hygiene of oral system, it needs deeper treatment like teeth cleaning. People who used to brush and floss their oral will not experience discomfort during the cleaning. Nevertheless, those who are not accustomed with brushing and flossing may experience sensitivity during the cleaning. To reduce the discomfort, dentists usually use topical anesthetic before the cleaning. There are some cleaning procedures that should be taken by the dentists. The patient will receive diagnostic and preventive service and they can freely consult their dental or oral problem.

The diagnostic service includes reviewing and updating medical history, oral cancer examination, gum tissue evaluation, decay examination using X-ray and more. For the preventive service, the dentist will take plaque removal, stain removal, teeth polishing, dentures adjustment and more. At last, the patient will receive educational service which may include tooth flossing and brushing instructions, self-care effectiveness evaluation and other information which may be needed. The bottom line is that cleaning oral system regularly is necessary to maintain its hygiene. Brush your teeth, floss your oral system and visit your dentist for teeth cleaning to get hygienic, healthy oral system.