What to Eat after Tooth Extraction : 4 Delicious Foods

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If you experience toothache, the treatment depends on the condition of toothache itself. Sometimes, it requires tooth extraction. If you really need tooth extraction, what you have to plan is not only the procedures but also the aftercare. After the tooth extraction, the foods you eat should be planned as careful as possible because you cannot eat foods that are difficult to chew. So, what to eat after tooth extraction?

What to Eat after Tooth Extraction

Ice Cream

Who does not love ice cream? Ice cream is considered as one of the most delicious foods so that everyone must love it. Because of the smooth texture, ice cream belongs the most favorite what to eat after teeth extraction. Besides that, ice cream is also delicious and comes in various flavors. So, you can choose your desired taste. Because ice cream is cold, it is also helpful to soothe inflamed tissue. Even more, it can also promote the faster process of healing tooth extraction. Ice cream can be enjoyed anytime you want including after eating or as a snack.


After tooth extraction, you are only allowed to eat foods that are easy to chew. In this case, soup can be a good idea. Soup is not only useful to make you full. However, it also provides high protein. What to keep in mind is that you should not enjoy soup in hot. Let it cool and then you can enjoy it well. Soup is considered as one of the best healthy foods. It is also often used for diet. Soup is made from healthy ingredients such as vegetables, chickens, tomato, etc. That is why it belongs to the best what to eat after tooth extraction.

Pudding or Jelly

Pudding comes in various flavors. You can make it by your own with your desired flavor. As we know, pudding is very delicious. Besides that, it is also smooth so that everyone can chew it easily. So, after tooth extraction, you will not difficult to chew pudding. Besides delicious, pudding is also satisfying. It becomes a good idea for snacks. Alternatively, you can consider jelly where you can make it more easily. Anyway, it becomes one of the best ideas what to eat after tooth removal.

Milkshakes or Smoothies

The next option is milkshake or smoothie. It comes with nutrient and protein so that it provides health for everyone who consumes it. Besides that, it also tastes delicious. Milkshake or smoothie is appropriate for snacks or daily food for post-operative dental patient. To make it more delicious and for additional healthy nutrients, you can add some delicious fruits such as banana, strawberry, or your desired fruits.

What Foods to Avoid

There are still many other foods what to eat after tooth extraction as long as they are easy to chew. However, you also need to know the foods to avoid after tooth extraction. You cannot eat thick grains, straws, and other foods that are difficult to chew. Spicy, chewy and crunchy foods are also not allowed.