Best Tooth Extraction Healing Tips

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Have you ever experienced tooth extraction? It is really painful. So, if the condition requires you to remove your teeth, you have to know about the healing process. It relates to how the healing process takes faster, how to reduce the pain during the healing period, etc. Therefore, in this article we will share about the tips for tooth extraction healing. You may need to consider the following tips below.

Tooth Extraction Healing

Bite Sterile Gauze

If you find that the affected area of tooth extraction bleeds, you have to take sterile gauze and bite it on the affected area tightly. During this, you cannot talk or at least minimize talking. After the gauze is wet, you should replace it with the new one. You should check the gauze every 30 or 45 minutes. If the bleeding stops, you should remove the gauze from the affected area. Biting gauze can also reduce the pain caused by the tooth extraction. Anyway, this tooth extraction care is very important to follow when needed.

Take Prescribed Medicine

As it is mentioned before, tooth extraction is painful. Usually, the dentist gives prescribed medicines to reduce the pain. Actually, there are many medicines that can reduce pain. However, it should be prescribed by the dentist. Taking over counter pain reliever like ibuprofen is very useful to reduce pain after tooth extraction. Besides that, it also makes the recovery takes faster. If the dentist does not give the prescribed medicines, you can ask for it to your dentist. Anyway, this belongs to the most important tooth extraction healing.

Using an Ice Pack

The next tip for tooth extraction remedy is to place an ice pack on the face outside the extraction area. Ice pack can reduce bleeding and also control swelling. It works by constricting blood vessels. Apply it for about 10 up to 20 minutes. Make sure that you place the ice pack by wrapping it with a cloth or towel. You can do this at least 24 hours after the tooth extraction. After 48 hours, the swelling usually subside so that ice will not affect it again. This is easy to do at home. So, you can follow this tip simply. It really works for healing after tooth extraction.

Using Tea Bag

You can also consider using tea bag. As we know, tea comes with tannic acid. It is very helpful for the formation of blood clots. It constructs blood vessels. You can reduce bleeding by biting a tea bag on the extraction area. Bite it tightly for about 20 up to 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can also drink cold tea. However, applying tea bag is better.

Gargling with Warm Saline Rinse

After the tooth extraction, you have to wait until the morning before you can gargle. In this case, we recommend you to gargle using warm water added with a teaspoon of salt. Gargle slowly and do not make any pressure. Repeat this tooth extraction healing 5 times a day. It can prevent clot damage.