Baking Soda as Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

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Do you have spent much money for expensive products of teeth whitening? Hundreds of people are willing to do anything for white and healthy teeth. They think that teeth are investment and it affects their look as well as their confidence. Therefore, spending tons of money for exclusive teeth whitening products is not a big problem for them. How about those who have limited budget but want to have whiter teeth? Fortunately, we have a solution for them. And surprisingly, this treatment is budget-friendly as it employs a simple household product. Go on to find out what you can do.

Teeth Whitening Treatment with Baking Soda

Teeth Whitening Treatment with Baking Soda

Thanks to the creator of baking soda. No more expensive teeth whitening treatment as long as you have baking soda at home. Yes, this mild abrasive product will give you white teeth by removing the stains of cigarettes, coffee and tea. To begin the treatment, mix the baking soda with water until it becomes a paste. Take a toothbrush and cover the bristle with the mixture of baking soda and water. Brush your teeth as usual for about one to two minutes. As the teeth whitening tips, do not brush longer than two minutes as it may erode your teeth.

Spit out the paste and rinse your mouth thoroughly. Repeat this treatment every other day for about two weeks. You will see the significant result and your teeth will come whiter for couple weeks. After your teeth turn white, brush your teeth with baking soda once a week. As the baking soda is a mild abrasive product, it may erode the enamel of your teeth if you use it too frequently. For fresher breath, you can mix the baking soda with lime juice or toothpaste. Here are the tips of teeth whitening, try them and shine with your white teeth!