5 Top Dental Insurance No Waiting Period

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When people buy a dental insurance, of course they consider various factors to get the best one. One of the most common and important considerations is related to waiting period. Of course, everyone wants a dental insurance that does not have waiting period. However, not all insurance companies offer it. So, if you are interested in dental insurance no waiting period, we will share the best options of dental insurance that you can choose.

Dental Insurance No Waiting Period

Denali Dental

This is the first dental insurance with no waiting period that you can consider. It belongs to the best option because you can get all services offered without waiting period. The services depend on the choices you pay and also the numbers of year in the policy. For the complete coverage, we recommend you to choose the premium one. Anyway, it is reasonable to be considered as one of the most recommended dental insurance companies to plan.

Spirit Dental

This is a unique company because they provide full coverage with no waiting period for all service classes. It depends on the residence state. In this case, orthodontia requires waiting period. The coverage is various depending on the state and their regulations. The plans are also different from Spirit MaxCare Silver, Spirit MaxCare Gold, to Spirit Dental Indemnity Gold. For the cost, it depends on the option you choose. Premium option usually cost higher. Anyway, it belongs to the most recommended dental insurance no waiting period.


They provide 100 percent in network coverage for some services that include exam, X-rays & also cleanings. All of those services do not have waiting period. Even more, those services also do not have deductible. The basic restorative procedure requires 6 month wait. Major restorative procedure requires one year wait. But the waiting period is waived if you can show acceptable proof for the previous dental insurance. Considering the benefits above, we recommend you to consider this dental insurance company with no waiting period.


The dental plans of Humana vary by states. Some dental plans do not have waiting period for some services. Some others have 6 month wait for basic oral surgery and fillings. HumanaOne Dental Loyalty Plus is one of the best options where it does not require waiting period for any service even oral surgery. However, the choice depends on your desire. Anyway, Humana is considered as one of the best choices for you who look for dental insurance that does not require waiting period.

Delta Dental

Delta provides PPO Direct & PPO Direct Plus. Those 2 plans do not require waiting period for type I diagnostic as well as preventative services that include X-rays, cleanings and also exams. In this case, type I services are fully covered. Type II services basic procedures) have 6-month wait and are covered about 70 percent. Type III services (major procedures) have one or two years of waiting period. It is covered at 300 percent. Anyway, it belongs to the best dental insurance no waiting period.