5 Low Cost Dental Insurance Companies

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Dental insurance is very important. So, everyone is recommended so much to have dental insurance. However, the cost becomes one of the problems. Some dental insurances cost so expensive that make many people not interested to buy the insurance. However, you can also look for low cost dental insurance. If you do that carefully, you will find the low cost option with best services. Here are some top choices to consider.

Low Cost Dental Insurance

Aetna Dental Insurance

Aetna has large network as well as sophisticated online presence. Those become big benefits. However, this is only for group dental insurance plans. So, if you are looking for an individual dental insurance, this is not your choice. It is appropriate for employees. In some locations, it offers individual plan such as in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Delaware, Arizona, and Alaska. This cheap dental insurance offers full preventive care coverage including x-rays. Besides that, it also covers 80 percent of basic & major procedures. However, the waiting period for major services can be up to one and a half year.

Guardian Dental Insurance

This can also be a good option for you who look for dental insurance with low cost. It covers preventive exams, cleanings, x-rays and 90 percent of fillings & simple extraction. According to TopTenReviews, this dental insurance saves almost 50 percent of dental care cost. It is true and there are many people who have proven it. Therefore, it is reasonable to be considered as one of the most recommended ideas of low cost dental insurance.

Delta Dental

Besides providing excellent services, they also offer low cost. According to TopTenReviews, this dental insurance saves dental care cost up to 44 percent. This insurance is appropriate for either individual or family. The procedures include examinations, cleanings & c-rays. With this low budget dental insurance, you will never pay over 250 dollars for a root canal. This low cost becomes a good benefit.

Cigna Dental Care

This dental insurance company covers 100 percent of standard preventive care. It includes root canals as well as orthodontia. Unfortunately, the coverage does not include amalgam fillings & some basic treatments. However, orthodontia can be considered for children. Compared to other dental insurances, the Cigna dentist network is actually smaller. However, it is not a big problem as long as the coverage is complete and the cost is low enough. Therefore, Cigna can be a good choice for you who want dental insurance with low budget.

Humana Dental Insurance

The cost of Humana dental insurance is based on where you live as well as how you live. For example, if you are a smoker, you need to pay more. Based on TopTenReviews, this dental insurance saves about 48 percent of regular fees. That is why it belongs to one of the best saving dental insurance companies. Now, you can compare them and choose your preferred low cost dental insurance. Each of them has its own benefit.